Please select a design:

You can replace tuner knobs of your guitar with our products. Our products are available and work on both acoustic and electric guitars.

Please select a design and metal material of tuner knobs suitable to your taste. We offer a suite of cast, not plated metal materials such as brass, nickel silver and 100% sterling silver.

We provide two hole dimensions, (in addition to custom sizing) that are designed to fit the predominant share of tuners, both past and present. Please refer here for your particular need.

In SOUND-G, we are committed to new product development with a goal to announce new designs every several months.

Wood Metal Series NO. 01:    Longhorn Design

In this design the skull of Longhorn precisely engraved is inlaid on top of ebony. The design evokes a powerful and mysterious feeling.

Wood Metal Series NO. 02:    Eagle2 Design

In this design, the magnificent bald eagle with outstretched wings is inlaid on an ebony knob. The contrast of black and metal gives this knob a particularly striking look.

Pure Metal Series NO. 01:    Victorian Design

The artistic style of the Victorian times characterized by this glorious and massive decoration expressed on the button face of this guitar tuner.

Pure Metal Series NO. 02:    Eagle Design

The bald eagle and rose motif are expresssed in the button face of this guitar tuner. The delicate rocaille decoration with curved lines is provides an elegant combination of these iconic symbols.

Pure Metal Series NO. 03:    Knight Shield Design

A shield of the Middle Ages is engraved in this tuner. This design's shape is a Keystone style with an overall decoration reminiscent of the baroque style of the period.

Pure Metal Series NO. 04:    Fancy Vine Design

This elegant vine (and/or celtic vine) of Western Europe- is engraved is in the button face of the guitar tuner. This non-symmetric design with gentle curves is characteristic of this work. It is a constant seller matching well with most any kind of guitar.

Pure Metal Series NO. 05:    Dual Horse Design

Two horses are symmetrically designed on both sides of a classical emblem design.