• Pure Metal Series

    Pure Metal Series

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Pure Metal Series

Knight Shield

Fancy Vine

Wood Metal Series

Why not try to replace tuner knobs of your guitar?

For all people who love guitars!

These knobs are molded through our unique hand crafted design team. It blends the harmony of exquisite curves and a sculpted face to create a work of art for your guitar.

After years of testing, our improvements to the material mix of brass and nickel silver or products continue to shine. We can prepare pure silver for the person who wants the ultimate in discriminating taste.

Top reasons to buy SOUND-G Tuners

Our sustainability promise

In SOUND-G, we are committed to new product development with a goal to announce new designs every several months.

We will also regularly improve the products on sale, aiming for more precise design and tuning accuracy.

Please select a design and metal material of tuner knobs suitable to your taste. We offer a suite of cast, not plated metal materials such as brass, nickel silver and 100% sterling silver.

Fusion of guitar and art

New design, Coming soon!