Privacy policy

Guitar tuner knobs Privacy policy


Recognizing the importance of personal information in society and the appropriate management of such information as its responsibility in society, SOUND-G, Inc. ("the Company") has set forth the following policy to enable users to feel secure in using this website. The Company will thoroughly advise all employees of the policy in an effort to protect personal information.

Definition of personal information

Personal information constitutes the individual name, residential address, age, telephone number, email address, and the like obtained from users through this website by the company that can identify users as unique information.

Handling of personal information

The Company may ask for personal information through this website. When the personal information is acquired, the purpose for its use shall be clearly stated.

The Company shall abide by the Personal Information Protection Law and other associated laws, and acquire the information through proper means. Acquired personal information shall be subject to strict controls, and its use or supply shall be limited within the proposed scope to which the providing individual has consented.

This website has links to third party sites, and third party sites may have links to this site. The Company assumes no responsibility with respect to collected and acquired personal information and its control at linked destination sites.

Inquiries about privacy statement

For any opinions or questions about the privacy statement of this website, please contact SOUND-G. The Company highly values user opinions and questions in the context of using the website.