Guitar tuner knobs FAQ
Questions about product installation

Q1. Can it be attached to any guitar?

A1. It can be attached only to the type that the peg button can be removed with a screw. Old open-back pegs cannot be installed because the peg buttons cannot be removed.

Q2. Can I install it myself?

A2. All you have to do is remove the screws from your guitar and install it, so even one person can install it. However, please be careful as the washers etc. will fall off when you remove it and it will be easily lost. (Use existing washers)
Please refer to here for the installation method.

Q3. Which size should I choose?

A3. There are various manufacturers and old and new guitar peg machines, and the hole size is not standardized. SOUND-G investigates major manufacturers and prepares two types of square holes, M, and L. See the spec page for more details.
Questions about after purchase

Q4. Do I need care?

A4. This product is not plated to make the best use of the texture of metal. Therefore, the color becomes darker over time. It gives an antique feel as it is, and it becomes glossy just by rubbing it with your finger. You can also regain the brilliance at the time of purchase by polishing with a polish cloth for precious metals.

Q5. Is it possible to remove the scratches?

A5. We cannot remove scratches. As with the guitar itself, scratches are one of the personalities, but if you are concerned, we ask that you use a compound that matches the metal material.

Q6. Is it possible to return to the original peg button?

A6. You can always put it back in the same way you installed it. Please save the removed peg buttons and screws in the product packaging box so that you do not lose them.
Other questions

Q7. Can I order my own designed pegs?

A7. sometimes receive requests from people who are particular about design and musicians, but we would appreciate it if you could contact us by email.

Q8. Is it possible to make it from pure gold or titanium?

A8. Although it cannot be done on a normal mass production line, it can be manufactured as a special order. If you wish, please contact us by email.

Q9. The shape of the pin is special. Is it possible to match the hole of the peg button?

A9. Depending on the shape of the pin, it may be custom-made in some cases. If you wish, please contact us by email.