Package Contents

1. Replacement Knobs

This is the main product. (a set of 6)

Guitar tuner knobs

2. Screws for attachment

Screws made by brass (In the case of gold color knobs)or screws made by stainless steel (In the case of silver color knobs)

Guitar tuner knobs Package

3. Package box

Guitar tuner knobs Package


*New washers aren't attached, use the existing washers that are on your guitar

How to Install

When installing the screws, first unwind the string to release all tension to the front tuner post.

Secondly, back out the original screw to release the tuner being replaced, being careful to retain the original washers that may be attached to the rear tuner post.

Install the new tuner, and then screw the new screw that came with the new tuner until it is snug (CAREFUL: OVERTIGHTENING THE SCREW HAS THE POTENTIAL TO BACK OUR THE ENTIRE TUNER GEAR MECHANISM) so please pay close attention to the gears to ensure they are staying intact as you screw in the new screw.

Once the screw is snug, simply tune the string back up and enjoy your tuners.

1. Take out the screws:

Take out the screws of knobs in driver (plus or minus).
Please keep the screws which you detached in stock.

Guitar tuner knobs

2. Detach the knobs from guitar:

Then, pay attention because washers come off easilyand can be misplaced.
Please keep the knobs which you detached in stock.

Guitar tuner knobs

3.  Install replacement knobs:

Please match the pin of tuner machine with the hole of knob.

Guitar tuner knobs

4. Tighten the screws which are attached to the product:

Tighten the screws using the appropriate screwdriver.
Adjust the screws to where they are snug, do not overtighten causing the gars to back out of the back of the tuner.

Guitar tuner knobs